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IAIR flag handed over

IAIR Annual Conference and AGM - 2020 - Hong Kong

It was with a very heavy heart that the Executive Committee took the decision in their Executive Committee meeting that the 2020 conference in Hong Kong has to be cancelled due to the COVID virus situation.…

Mental Health training programs launched for insolvency professions in Australia

The Australian Financial Security Authority (AFSA), which regulates Australia’s personal insolvency system, and the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC), which regulates Australia’s corporate insolvency system, have worked with…

Handing over the flag to Northern Ireland

IAIR Annual Conference and AGM - 2019 Belfast, Northern Ireland

The Flag has been handed over and preparations are underway for our 2019 Annual Conference.  Our next conference will be in Belfast Northern Ireland from 16 - 19th September 2019.


IAIR launches the "IAIR Principles" of Regulation

At the IAIR Annual Conference in Mauaritius IAIR launched these principles for the regulation of Insolvency Practitioners.  These are based on research of IAIR members and work by Prof Riz Mokal and are designed to assist national…

Handing over the flag to Mauritius

IAIR 2018 Annual Conference and AGM - Mauritius

The flag has formally been handed over - Our next conference and AGM will take place in Mauritius - from 15 - 18 October 2018.

The conference theme will be "Sharing International Insolvency Trends and Developments"

The conference…

Westminster, London UK

IAIR 2017 Conference and Annual General Meeting

Westminster, London UK Monday 4th - Thursday 7th September 2017 Hosted by the Inspector General and Chief Executive, the Insolvency Service

WE ARE NOW OPEN FOR BOOKINGS! - Please book via the Events Page of this website

If you…

Website Development Office

IAIR New Website

Welcome to the new website. We have struggled with the old IAIR website - which wasn't fit for purpose - and at the last AGM in September 2016 all IAIR members present authorised the IAIR Executive Committee to address the website issues.

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New IAIR Secretariat contact details

The IAIR Secretariat contact details have now changed, please use the following details:


Postal Address: IAIR Secretariat, Please use the above email address to obtain details of our…