IAIR and Diversity

IAIR Diversity Value Statement
It is recognised that diversity, including gender balance within senior practitioners, is important to insolvency regulators as it supports public confidence in the insolvency system, so that those administering the system reflect the broader community, and to ensure that the insolvency profession is appropriately diverse.
Recognising and accepting the value of diversity within the insolvency profession will support:

  • A wider talent pool through which insolvency practitioners are drawn; and 
  • A positive, inclusive and responsible culture, contributing to the higher quality of work, innovation and productivity within the insolvency system.

IAIR members will endeavour to promote diversity within their own organisations and within the wider insolvency profession.
Dated: 21 January 2020


In January 2020 the Executive Committee approved the above Value Statement on Diversity and established an IAIR Diversity Community of Practice (CoP). The Diversity CoP has now developed a suite of documents to help support IAIR members promote diversity within their respective jurisdictions. These documents are included below (note you need to be logged in as a member to access these documents):

  • IAIR Framework for embedding diversity and inclusion in the insolvency profession – a document outlining IAIR’s framework for diversity.
  • Benefits of diversity paper – a document outlining the benefits of diversity to highlight for members the importance of diversity for the insolvency profession.
  • Research and resource database – a living document that members can add to, which provides a shared resource of information and consideration of knowledge as it relates to diversity. Additions to that database would be very welcome and will help advance this important work.
  • Example Diversity Survey - a survey framework created to assist IAIR member countries should they wish to conduct a survey in their jurisdiction.

Achieving greater diversity and gender balance in the international insolvency profession is important - confidence in the system can be eroded if the profession is not reflective of the wider community. While there are many contributing factors, there is wide-spread agreement among member organisations that IAIR has a role to play in improving the balance.
It is hoped that the Diversity Framework, Benefits of Diversity paper, Diversity Resources Database and Diversity Survey will assist member organisations in their work in relation to diversity, and in promoting gender balance amongst registered practitioners within their respective jurisdiction.