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Welcome to the new website. We have struggled with the old IAIR website - which wasn't fit for purpose - and at the last AGM in September 2016 all IAIR members present authorised the IAIR Executive Committee to address the website issues.

This is our response - we have created a new website - but we are keen to make our new website a useful tool and resource for all members as well as providing a true record of IAIR's activity during its significant period of existence. We are delighted with this new website - created by Website Development Ltd.

We have taken a lot of the text across from the old website - but it is now over to our IAIR Members:

  •   If there are errors in the text please let me know and I will address it.
  •   If there are gaps in the information provided about your organisation please send it to me and I will upload it
  •   and also please let me know any ideas of how we can make the website more useful for you.

IAIR Executive Director

Website Development Office