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    The mission of the Official Receiver’s Office is to ensure that the insolvency service it provides in Hong Kong is of a high quality, on a par with International Standards and that the legislation is commensurate with the objective of keeping Hong Kong to the forefront as a major International Financial Centre.
    The Official Receiver's Office headed by the Official Receiver (“the OR”), is a Government Department under the Financial Services and the Treasury Bureau of the Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of the People’s Republic of China. It is organized into three main Divisions: Case Management, Legal Services and Financial Services with the following major functions:

    • provides insolvency management services when appointed by the Court and creditors to act as trustee or as liquidator; realize assets of insolvent companies and bankrupts, investigate and adjudicate creditor's claims; distribute proceeds;
    • acts as trustee or liquidator of last resort in small cases;
    • investigates the affairs of bankrupts, directors and officers of insolvent companies; report to the Court on causes of business failures; take action on prosecuting persons for insolvency offences and disqualifying directors whose conduct makes them unfit to act as a director;
    • monitors the conduct of private insolvency practitioners (“PIPs”), invest funds, audit accounts and investigate complaints against liquidators and trustees;
    • reviews and proposes changes to laws, policies and procedures relating to insolvency issues, and liaise with international insolvency agencies; and
    • provides support to other Government Departments and statutory bodies involved in insolvency matters

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