Accountant in Bankruptcy - Scotland

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  • Company Address:

    Accountant in Bankruptcy - Executive Agency of the Scottish Government
    1 Pennyburn Road
    KA13 6SA

    Tel: 0300 200 2600     Fax: 0300 200 2601 


  • Scope of Role:

    Most corporate insolvency functions are carried out in Scotland by the UK Government.  In personal insolvency:

    • AiB determines all applications for bankruptcy made by the debtor themselves
    • Acts as the trustee of last resort in all cases where no private trustee has been appointed (about 80% cases)
    • Supervises the actions of private trustees, including approving fees and plans to deal with property
    • Authorises the discharge of all bankrupts
    • Investigates potential wrongdoing by debtors or trustees
    • Maintains the public register
    • Awards “protected” status to trust deeds, and supervises the work of private trustees administering such trusts
    • Administers the Debt Arrangement Scheme (see section on Alternatives to Bankruptcy below)
    • Advises the Scottish Government on policy and legislation to do with the above, though policy remains that of Ministers

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