IAIR Conference and Annual General Meeting - 2016 Singapore

From 05/09/2016 to 08/09/2016

"Creating Connections"

This conference was hosted by Jill Tan, the Official Assignee & Receiver of Singapore. The Insolvency Office is a department of the Ministry of Law, Singapore.

In this conference, we considered how our work is increasingly cross-functional and cross-disciplinary: how we may need to interact more with the private sector in developing our laws and policies, the increasing demand for our work to extend to pre-insolvency scenarios, and how we must attend to the usually opposed interests of creditors and debtors. We also looked at various developments that can help our countries develop best practices and point the way forward as we develop our insolvency regime. It was an exciting conference tailored and limited to national insolvency regulators!

The presentations from the event can be found in the conference programme agenda.  Each conference agenda item has a link to the documents used and the biography of the speaker, but these can only be accessed if you are logged in as a member.

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