Registration Authority, Abu Dhabi Global Market, UAE

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  • Company Address:

    Abu Dhabi Global Market Authorities Building
    ADGM Square
    Al Maryah Island
    PO Box 111999
    Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

  • Scope of Role:

    The Registration Authority (RA) is responsible for administration of matters related to the ADGM Insolvency Regulations 2015, including maintaining a public record of filings related to insolvency proceedings, and issuing guidance.
    The RA also licenses and supervises insolvency practitioners, and promotes compliance through monitoring and enforcement of ADGM’s insolvency practitioner registration framework.
    The RA may disqualify directors, receivers and insolvency practitioners, where necessary and appropriate under the ADGM Companies Regulations 2020.
    The RA also carries responsibility for policy and legislative developments of ADGM’s insolvency regime.
    ADGM’s regime does not make provision for individual / personal insolvencies / bankruptcies.

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